Tattoo token


If you want a crow tattoo I can do it (yes, I am registered to tattoo & have a quiet, private studio in Carmarthenshire, get in touch if you’re interested & check your spam), but if you can’t make it to West Wales & you want something I’ve created inked on your body, buy a token and this will show your tattoo artist that you’ve been a nice human and made a contribution to me for my work.

I shouldn’t need to explain that taking artists’ work without paying them or getting their permission is shitty behaviour. Buy tattoo tokens from your favourite independent creators & if they don’t do them, ask for one, or at least ask for permission to use their work for a tattoo!

I can send over higher-resolution files for your tattooist to make a stencil from, or create a design from scratch (don’t buy this token in this case, get in touch to commission me, check your spam for my reply!)

Once you’ve purchased this you’ll be given a link to download a file you can print out and show to your tattooist.

No returns or refunds on this item.