“Tree, crow, ghost”, oil paints, collage, children’s stickers onto cardboard, 2021
“Echo”, oil paints and oil pencils and collage, onto cardboard, 2022
“Frank Destroys Cisheteronormativity”, lino print onto newsprint with oil paint and collage, 2019
“Of the Intelligence of Saturn” – oil paints, oil pencils and collage on repurposed cardboard and chipboard, 2022
“Re-Solved” – oil paints and oil pencil on cardboard mounted onto plywood with children’s sparkly stickers, 2022
“Further Privileges”, oil paints, collage, mixed media on plywood, 2022
“Life or Death”, lino print onto newsprint with oil paints and collage, 2018
“Thirteen Crows” – oil paint and oil pastel and collage onto recycled canvas. The canvas was a self-portrait painted by someone else previously
“Third Person”, oil paints and collage onto box canvas, 2022
“Success”, oil paints, oil pencils, collage, children’s stickers onto cardboard mounted onto hardboard, 2021
“The Middle Crow Does Not Exist”, oil paints, oil pastels, oil pencils, collage onto plywood, 2021
“Heart”, oil paints, oil pencils, lino print, collage on to cardboard, 2021