Crow Time – original oil painting


Oil paints on scrap cardboard, 26cm wide x 20.5cm high

What I try to capture in my work are my feelings about the strangeness and magic of the world around us. For me there is something inherently queer about magic: as a non-binary person I speak from a liminal place, a place regarded by heteronormativity as a location of uncertainty, disruption, fear and power. & I try to paint from that in between space & create that curious strangeness, that shivering magic.

Normally when I create an animal I have a sort of Platonic ideal in my head: of course, the Platonic ideal cannot exist and so depictions of it highlight the way that everything deviates from perfection. But in this work there are two crows & I’m thinking both about Freud’s concept of the double but also Yaqui Man of Knowledge Don Juan’s magical double… despite these thoughts I find my crows to be playful, intelligent trouble-makers. I like them a lot.

These crows are painted with oils on scrap cardboard, which is just the most wonderful surface to work on, in terms of colour, give, absorbency and texture. They’ll take a couple of weeks to dry & will be available to post out from the beginning of August 2020, but please do buy in advance if you wish.

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