Tarot deck preorder – with A4 giclee print of card of your choice


This is a preorder for my 78-card Tarot deck, due to ship in December 2024, plus one high-quality A4 giclee print of your choice from the deck. Find out all details here.

The lino plate size is 10cm x 15cm and the paper size will be A4, 210 x 297mm. Prints will be signed and dated. Once the deck is finished I’ll get in touch with you to find out which print you would like.

The prints will be made in the UK onto Hannamuhle Etching Paper (the gold standard paper) & sent out with the final deck.

On the card deck:

  • The cards will take the format similar to the Rider Waite Smith deck, that is, 22 major arcana with commonly-used traditional names (ie, I might use “magus” or “magician” for card I of the major arcana, but I won’t use “magic person”), 4 suits of cups, wands, swords and pentacles, each with a page, knight, queen and king. So 78 cards in total. Although the names are traditional I reserve the right to queer the images up a bit. The images are mostly channelled so I have no idea how it will look when finished!
  • The cards will likely be 130 x 90mm, or very close to that.
  • The deck you receive will be professionally lithoprinted by a very eco-friendly UK-based printer, rather than hand-lino-printed.
  • They have been quoted to be printed on Fedrigoni Splendorgel Extra White 400gsm, a top-quality thick board that is totally chlorine and heavy metal free, and FSC certified. They’ll have a matt laminate for longevity, rounded corners for ease of use and will come packed in a rigid cardbox made from 79% recycled materials and hand-stamped by me.
  • I will sign and number every box up to the one-thousandth one, after that not!
  • I am aiming to get the cards out to people by Yule 2024, but if that changes I will let everyone know ASAP.
  • Price includes UK insured, tracked postage; shipping internationally to be confirmed.

This is a sort of kickstarter, in the sense that I need to raise enough money in order to be able to print the cards, and if I don’t raise enough by say November 2024 then I’ll refund all the money I’m able to (I might not be able to refund fees and custom charges). But I have had A LOT of interest in this deck, so fingers crossed it won’t be an issue!

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