Life or Death – giclee print, various sizes, framed or unframed


so this is a print that was originally featured in my illustrated book about being a queerdo, Being Frank, which I made as part of my MA in 2018 and crowdfunded and hand-bound 50 copies of and sent into the world. And a few people asked me if they could get a print of this particular image, and so here it is.

It was originally printed onto newsprint, which as the name suggests is what newspapers are printed onto. It’s not archival, ie, not designed to maintain its integrity over time, and so becomes yellow and brittle. This is precisely what I love about it – it fades and ages, just as we do, and the white oil paint I worked on top of the black linoprint takes on a bluish ethereal quality in contrast.

In the book the character that represented me always had a lion’s head – this meant I could change my physique and still be recognisable – I could have breasts or chest surgery scars or a penis or whatever, I could shift myself and yet always be me. And why the lion’s head? I wanted something portentous, ridiculous, and instantly recognisable.

This print is available on-demand, that is, you buy it and I order it to be printed and delivered to you. This enables me to keep the costs down more than my limited-edition hand-made art prints. It’s available at A4 (210 x 297mm) and A3 (297 x 420). The image is slightly smaller than the sizes given; the border of the print is black.


The print-on-demand service I use offers a framing service which I offer to you because some people, particularly some disabled people, find it difficult to get pictures framed locally. Please be aware that this service uses a lot of bubble-wrap plastic in the wrapping & £12 of the cost is shipping – you may be able to get framing done locally for cheaper and using less plastic packaging. If you do choose to order a framed print, please consider re-using the bubble-wrap yourself, or donating it to a local charity shop or antiques shop. thanks!

The print is also available framed in a simple A3 (for an A4 print, so that it has room for a mount) or A2 (for the A3 print) black frame with black mount. A3 or A2 is the size of the glass and the frame is slightly bigger than the size of glass – around 2cm, so it’ll add about 4cm to the overall dimensions. So to be clear: if you select A4, it will be an A4 print in an A3 frame, and if you select A3 it will be an A3 print in an A2 frame. Message me if this isn’t clear! The frame and framing process are also vegan.

The printing process uses water-based inks is on 310gsm Hahnemühle German Etching paper: a thick textured warm-white coloured FSC-registered paper that is 100% vegan & 100% plastic-free, with a velvet-matt finish. The loose print is delivered rolled in a cardboard tube with recycled plastic ends. It will usually be delivered within one week.

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